I feel you watching me…

When the desire of the world,

Is blinding my mind,

With so much delusion,

And a whirlwind of dust…

O thou who is the Holy One,

Who remains awake to hear my prayers,

I ask You to come to me,

With thy light and splendor…




As a child and as an adult they scare…

I wish to play along Your side,

Never knowing who You are,

With no fear,

With no shame…

And yet my life has become such,

Riotous with work no play,

I am hard of hearing when You call,

So many times a day…

At dawn I remember about You as I wake,

For You I wish you were my playmate,

I hope the day passes with laughter,

And running around with You the day after…

With only woods and trees around,

No buildings and no structured ground,

With fields as green as a painters tube colour,

Singing and dancing with all the ardour…

Songs and hymns and symphonies,

Not knowing what they mean,

Just going with the rhythm of the soul,

That rejoices with every theme…

My heart would dance with an uproar,

And tired the evening as the sun was would last glow,

When every play is done,

I wonder what I had seen that’s gone…

I would feel you watching me then…

I would feel you watching me tomorrow…

I would feel you watching me forever…

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