I want the world to be like this forever…

I want the world to be like this forever,
Or atleast for a few days,
In a month or whatever…
The sounds of birds chirping,
The gush of the wind,
With no voice disturbing,
Will this end in a blink?
This is what I want now,
And didn’t know deep inside always,
I wasn’t sure I wanted it,
Till it was forced on us by a virus…
I know it is naive,
To ask for people to stay home,
But I don’t want to say goodbye,
To THIS, our REAL home…
Till yesterday her voice was cold and emotionless,
She cried, “It’s not you and me anymore,
You I thought are called human,
But your humanity is visible no more…”
This Corona thing has to end,
Don’t get me wrong,
when I say it should last long,
With no work that makes me bend…
Realize what you have to do,
And how you have to do it,
The truth is it’s as good for me,
As it is for her…
I wish I could say calmly,
Meeting at the gaze,
Of whosoever decides,
For curfew once a while…
She is being reborn,
As the more I think about it,
It is the right thing to do,
Sweet Mother Earth, you do deserve better than this…
I sense the joy of the earth,
Which means it was in pain,
Why? Obviously cause of us,
We think of only our gain…
She brought us flowers and food,
She gave us images of her diversity,
We mimicked them even into teddy bears,
But on the other side we gave cruelty…
It’s high time we realize,
That we are just a PART of this world,
Can’t we spare a day or two,
For the good of me, and the good of you…
Dogs and other animals,
Out on the street,
With curiosity where the beings disappeared,
“They and their obsessed runs”…
We know we belong with it,
Together, I believe,
But show our care once in a while,
For the speechless, the one who pays for it…
She was right about so much,
It had been us together for so long,
If we hadn’t been blinded by achievements,
We probably foolishly think we wouldn’t have evolved…
If the earth had eyes,
It would plead to you,
To give another day like this,
Thinking, I feel my gut twist…

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  1. Beautiful message!Humans must always remember we are part of God’s creation. It is ultimately in our interest to live for the good not only of ourselves but also of plants, animals , the earth , atmosphere, and everything else.

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  2. Am glad you liked my response. I Iove what you write.👍👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. betsynigli says:

      Thank u again… it matters alot.. 😄

      Liked by 1 person

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