If only it would rain…


If only it would rain,

then I could release all the pent-up anger,

You know the type that won’t leave your side,

And almost always is the reason for a crime.

It won’t let you know why it’s presence it thought to show,

Is it for the Arch-Enemy, for a friend than a foe.

And then it will cause you to blurt bold words,

Breaking the silence, horrid and whirled.

If you have been here,

You know how you want to change,

Oh! How if it would rain,

If it would rain…

For him, that is in the happy realms of light,

I beg, could you share that bright?

Clothed in transcendent brilliantine that does outshine,

And Shine, and Shine, and Shine…

I do not come in mutual league to thy,

I began this poem to equally hope, eyes to the sky,

And hazard a rendezvous affair,

Of the grand enterprise.

Rain has been the far-away friend,

Merging into the happiness,

Merging into the misery.

Equally into the ruin,

Umbrellas and people that shun,

Into a trench, and all that you can see,

From the height that we have fallen,

Along the cedar tree…

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