U intoxicate me with dizzying effects…


U intoxicate me with dizzying effects. In front of everybody, I stand shamelessly speechless. When I am away from you, in the sweet safety of my home, I make myself think that you’re kidding, and it won’t happen again. I presume it’s my imagination. And then, when I meet you further another time, I know you are going to do it. You do it. You have done it.

You leave me mesmerized, with way more confidence than I actually felt. Energizing me. I sit quietly for a while, and then nod slowly. As if I got your message. With no one around, it’s easier to converse with you. I count on you to save me. Hence, I come back.

Save us all, actually. I shouldn’t be selfish. Which includes them, me, my friends, her friends, and our loved ones – not wanting them all to be dead before seeing your beauty. I figure if everyone knows about this secret, it will be harder for evil to use us for our evil means. You find monks meditating high up in the mountains, and not on the busy streets of a city, remember that.

It may sound cheesy, but it’s not. I’m dead serious about it. We all better be. Evil is scary. It tries to start a war with mankind, and I don’t think it’s done trying. Plus, I have a bad feeling with the passing time.

A kind of bad feeling. Honestly, I’ve been trying to ignore it, but I’ve had a bad feeling about evil ever since it appeared to me, ever since I could see.

I should get serious. Not like this. This is something different. Something worse. And many may be feeling it, too. Why do I hesitate?

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