Stream of lightning shattering the raindrops into dazzling diamond waterfalls…

The pebbles and the rain…

One day, a young girl came to me crying; and she could not stop. I asked her, “What is wrong, little girl?”

“Miss, yesterday my old pet died.”

“Well, what can be done now, dear girl? If he has died, crying won’t bring him back dear girl…”

I know I sounded ruder than I should have, but that is the thing about me, in situations like these I become awkwardly blunt, trying not give false pretenses over the burden of pain.

She cried for a longer while, then became calm. She looked at me finally and said, “Yes, miss, that I understand now. Crying will not bring him back. But…”

“Yes dear?”

“But I came to you, miss, I want to do something for him!”

I looked at her. Innocence. How sweet.

“Um… What can we do for him?”

“Miss, please let’s do something. Anything. You are an adult, you have power, certainly you can help me. Look, these people around help their loved ones in all sorts of gestures. And as soon as these deeds are performed, they seem to stop being sad. Can we do something for him too? Can we perform a ritual or rite for him as well? So that he will receive an entry into heaven, a permanent stay there! Please, miss, let’s do something for him!”

The poor little girl was so overwhelmed by grief that she could not follow any rational argument. And also, she is young. I had to use another way to make her understand. “All right. Let’s take a walk.” The young girl became very happy, thinking that I agreed to her. She walked, then ran around, jumped and hopped. We were near the shore, and she picked up two pebbles. “All right,” I said. “Keep one on dry ground, and the other in the water such that you can see it.” She looked quizzically at me, but did what I asked for. “Now observe them carefully.”

The pebble that was placed on dry ground, became dry eventually. She kept staring at the pebbles with innocent curiosity. I told her, “It is like what happened to your pet. The water that is flowing is life. The pebble that was removed from the shore, was as if it lost it’s life.

After a while, it started to rain. I looked up and enjoyed the bliss for a second, then guided the little girl with me to a nearby shelter from the rain. She kept looking at the pebble from far away.

“The water of life is given by God. It is what flows in the rivers, and is filled up time to time by Him by an outburst from the heaven. The pebble, though it lost the water for a while, it is now wet with the raindrops. Your pet must be equally taken care of, by the great Almighty. He will always care.”

The girl, looked up at me, a slight smile on her happy face, satisfied with the answer. She was quiet for a while, and we looked at the rain as it quenched the thirst of all the things around us.

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