To say, my life should be a celebration…

To say, my life should be a celebration,
This Love that I see, I’m surprised,
O My Lord,
What others may say as delusion,
I can see instead,
I can feel instead…
Makes me want to listen to you,
To the Holy Word, To the Holy Word of Yours…
Without you what life shall I live,
Without you I am gloomier than ever,
O Heavenly Father,
Don’t make me go through that ever…
Oh, Hosanna to the King of Kings…
All that I see is a peaceful view,
All birds, trees, and leaves sleepily move in time
And in my heart, these words arise…
Fragrance from flowers,
In these bouquets and bunches,
Sweet chirping of birds,
That goes along with my prayers…
Every night and day,
You know I feel like so,
That I really want to be here with You,
It’s not enough to say that I am made for You,
You call me,
and I will be there…
A feeling like my whole life has changed,
I take a step,
And You take a step,
I am calling out to You
Reaching out to You…
These words that have been released from my heart,
Has come now to my lips,
My heart’s desire…

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