Because, I BELIEVE…

I know this is real magic,
I know this is where the miracle happens,
I know there is great power here,
Because, I BELIEVE…

I can sense it as an aura here,
The blind had and now here will see,
The lame had and now here will leap,
Because, WE BELIEVE…

He had risen from the dead,
What more do we need,
The world runs behind the world,
We don’t, cause WE BELIEVE…

I will run,
Till I stand in the light,
Everyday more closer,
Because, He knows, I BELIEVE…

Forgive me for my grave sins, Lord,
I need to shed this coat of guilt,
Only to You, Closer to You,
Because, You know, I BELIEVE…

For if You are with me,
Who or what can be against me?
You are a force mightier than all,
And, even the evil one knows, I BELIEVE…

Famine, disease, persecution or shame,
For Your sake I am ready to be slaughtered,
If You could, then why can’t I?
For our love is based, in what I BELIEVE…

Make the path clear and open Lord,
Towards Our Father,
Hold my hand, be here,
And take me to Him Lord, because I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE…

Never stop working on my life,
Even if I make foolish mistakes,
Please look at me with kind eyes,
Because, everyday, MORE I BELIEVE…

Satan, I know your strength, but you also know mine,
Mine is given, mine will shine,
What folly it would be then, to try and break my bloodline,
For He – we both know, – I BELIEVE, IN WHAT IS DIVINE…

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