Moments at the end…

He silenced the music of our songs,
It must not have been heartfelt,
The sound of our guitars and hymns may be heard no more,
To recover from this will be a strive all the more…

You have made God’s for yourself,
As if I didn’t see,
God’s out of your hands,
And preferred calling them “Thee”…
I looked and waited,
And gave you opportunities,
To repent and come back to Me,
Waiting, despite your horrible deeds…

We have been made a bare rock,
Civilization has been shaken,
We have become a place to put up tombstones,
Each one is to die, every nook and corner known…
We may never again be rebuilt,
This might be the end,
For the Lord has spoken,
It might be the end…
The coastlands shake at the sound of our fall,
We thought we conquer, we forgot our Creator,
The sick groan, and yet slaughter goes on within us,
For shame, for even death can’t mend us…
The authorities had to step down from their thrones,
They never foresaw such a thing,
They were stripped off their embroidered garments,
And the poor to the poorer strips…
We tremble, and have no place to lay,
Every piece of land still for their own,
Rivers flowing with bodies, cemetery with unmarked bodies,
We tremble every moment, appalled at each other…
We vanish from land,
The ones with great dreams and future,
Renowned and rich,
Mighty and powerful (Or so we thought)…
We, the inhabitants,
The ones who willingly impose terror,
Our greatness we thought was near,
Our mainland but started to tremble…
The day of our fall extends,
We have to pay the price,
Our cities are laid waste,
We merge one into the land…
The deep has been brought upon us,
The great waters cover us,
We have been thrust down,
Into the pit of hell…
A dreadful end it might be,
We shall be no more,
Yet so much to come,
The perfect beauty of God…
Pray, my child, pray,
May God listen to your prayers,
Maybe He might pity and save you,
Including everyone with prayers…

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